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Things to do in the Top Housing Markets in Baltimore This Spring

It is no surprise that Baltimore has become one of the hottest markets for real estate. Its affordability, diversity, and rich history have contributed to Baltimore’s success in the housing market, as many have flocked to live in these local areas. Some of the most active housing markets in Baltimore include Fells Point, Federal Hill, Canton, Hampden, and Mount Vernon. These Baltimore neighborhoods provide not only excellent living spaces but also various activities to keep you happy and busy this spring. The New Home Team of Maryland goes through some of the highlights of each of these areas and things to do while you are exploring the area. 

Things to do in Fells Point

This charming and historic district is full of great destinations for all ages. Whether looking to shop for clothing and accessories, dine at a delicious restaurant, or take in the warm spring weather, Fells Point is the perfect spot! Some of New Home Team’s favorite activities in Fells Point include:

  • Dining at a Waterfront Restaurant: There are many tasty restaurants in Fells Point to choose from including Barcocina, Ampersea, and Loch Bar. Dine outside and take in the waterfront views and spring breeze. 
  • Visiting the Robert Long House: The oldest standing residence in Baltimore. 
  • Riding on the one-of-a-kind Baltimore Water Taxi: Being the oldest of its kind in the country, the Baltimore Water Taxi offers fun rides to various attractions and neighborhoods all over Baltimore. 
  • Fells Point Farmers Market: Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. you can shop and enjoy local vendors of food and crafts.   
  • Baltimore’s Wicked History Tour: Fells Point’s rich history makes it a great spot to get spooked! Learn about the history on this engaging tour! 

Things to do in Federal Hill

Living in Federal Hill brings an abundance of activities to do, making it a sought after housing market in Baltimore this spring for real estate. Federal Hill is a popular entertainment location, full of restaurants, shops, bars, and attractive views. Here is the New Home Team of Baltimore’s top things to do in Federal Hill:

  • Cross Street Market: this market is a great spot full of vendors, shops, and cafes. Grab coffee at Ceremony, pick up your favorite ice cream from Taharka (we recommend the Honey Graham!), shop around, or gather with friends for a delicious meal. 
  • Federal Hill Park: With beautiful views of the inner harbor and city skyline, this area of greenery is a great location to relax and take in the spring weather. 
  • Visit a Museum: Federal Hill is home to great museums, including the American Visionary Art Museum, The Baltimore Museum of Industry, and more. 
  • Energetic Nightlife: Federal Hill is a great neighborhood to visit for a late-night outing. “Fed” has a wide variety of bars and restaurants that are open late and create an energetic nightlife experience. Some of our personal favorites include Mother’s Grille, Nobles Bar & Grill, and Wayward Bar & Kitchen.

Things to do in Canton:

Canton is a vibrant neighborhood that has grown into a hot spot for young adults who want to live in the city. More great recommendations of things to do from the New Home Team of Maryland in this popular neighborhood:

  • Canton Waterfront Park: This beautiful park is a great spot to have a picnic, get in some exercise, or lay and relax. Be sure to keep an eye out for concerts at the park as the warm weather approaches. 
  • Dine, shop and drink on the O’Donnell Square: The O’Donnell Square, also called Canton Square, acts as the main hub of the neighborhood with great restaurants and bars such as Claddaugh’s Pub, Mama’s on the Half Shelf and the originally Looney’s. 
  • Sea Baltimore: Sail off on a sunset cruise and take in all the serene and magic of the Chesapeake this spring.  

Things to do in Mount Vernon: 

Mount Vernon is a hip neighborhood North of downtown Baltimore. This urban spot offers some great cultural amenities, dining options, and shopping for all. Read to learn our top choices: 

  • Tyson Street: This street is a beautiful walk full of colorful townhouses, quirky shops and boutiques, and great restaurants. 
  • The Walters Art Museum: A public art museum founded in 1934.
  • George Peabody Library: 19th-century focused research library ranked one of the most stunning libraries in the world! 
  • The Washington Monument intersects Mount Vernon and Washington Place as it honors George Washington. 

Things to do in Hampden: 

Hampden is known for its eclectic and chic ambiance that is north of downtown Baltimore. This quirky area is full of fun things to do! 

Your Baltimore Real Estate Team

From waterfront views to museums and boutique shopping opportunities, these Baltimore neighborhoods offer a wide variety of activities to keep you busy this spring. If you are considering your options for living in the city or buying your first home, keep these neighborhood highlights in mind! At New Home Team, we strive to provide you with the most in-depth information on local homes, markets and neighborhoods so you can feel confident in your decision. For more information on Baltimore real estate, give us a call at 443-420-7385.

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