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2022 Smart Home Trends

Although the real estate industry is not always predictable, we do know that with each passing year, luxury homes and even average homes are becoming more integrated with technology. “Smart” homes that allow the owner to control aspects of their home such as lighting, HVAC, curtains, etc are becoming more and more common. Here, the experienced real estate team at the New Home Team of Maryland outline Smart home trends to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2022. 

Household Robots

As technology continues to advance, we are seeing a wide range of in-home electronics being adopted such as robots and AI that can assist you with anything from cleaning to in-home security, to monitoring your health. For example, Amazon’s Astro is a home monitoring robot that can find it’s way around your home, entertain you, notify you of calls or messages and provide an extra layer of security for your home – and this is already available in limited quantities. 

Additionally, there are similar products being introduced to the market in recent months such as Samsung’s JetBot AI+ which leads us to believe there will be more and more of these products available to homeowners as competitors begin rolling out their versions of these products. 

Smarter Sensors

Home sensors are by no means a new feature of smart homes with most homes including some combination of security sensors, light sensors, motion sensors, or CO2/smoke sensors. The problem with these sensors is that so many of them serve only one purpose. As technology continues to advance we will start to see homes that include multifunctional sensors or sensors that are used for features we are not accustomed to. For example, Google’s Nest Hub is able to monitor motion and sound to determine how well you sleep at night and may very well become a common nightstand accessory in smart homes. 

Home Security Technology

While convenience is a major influence in the development and direction of smart home technology, an even greater influence is the need for home security. New smart home products such as Alexa Guard have the capability to listen for the sound of broken glass to help determine if you are in any danger and can even monitor things such as room occupancy to detect if someone is in a room. 

The peace of mind that a trusted security system provides a family is something you can’t put a number on. Even if you live in a seemingly safe neighborhood, it’s nice to be able to access a security camera to check in on your pets while you are away or monitor when packages or visitors are at your front door.

Learn More About Real Estate Trends from the New Home Team of Maryland

Over the past several years, we have become extremely familiar with some of the technology that has come along with the infant stages of smart homes such as Ring Doorbell Monitors or the Amazon Alexas. In the years to come, we expect to see great and rapid advancements in the development and capabilities of smart home technology that could transform the way we live our everyday lives. To learn more about real estate and housing trends, visit our blog.

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